On this page you will find downloadable PDF versions of our Annual Report.

Each year our Annual Report provides members with a summary of our key achievements and an overview of how the Association is performing. Detailing the strategies, programs and initiatives the Association has adopted, the work performed on behalf of members and the end of year financial statements, the Annual Report serves as a useful reference tool.


Annual Report 2022-23

In this report:

- Collaboration beyond borders
- Procurement Advisory Services
- New office location and facilities
-  Best Practice and Engagement Working Group

Read the 2022-223 Annual Report

Annual Report 2021-22

In this report:

- ECU Graduate Certificate of Executive Leadership and Management
- Governance Fundamentals e-Learning Program
- Young Professionals Advisory Board
- Volunteering Network

Read the 2021-22 Annual Report

Annual Report 2020-21

In this report:

- Local Government advertising service
- E-Learning Program Launch
- Community Development Evaluation Framework

Read the 2020-21 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019-20

In this report:

- Adapting and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
- New membership structure
- Submission to the Select Committee into local government
- CEO Health and wellbeing research report launch

Read the 2019-20 Annual Report

Annual Report 2018 -19

In this report:

- Introduction of new training programs
- Implementation of live streaming and video conferencing
- Expansion of the CEO Support Program
- IPR Peer Support Program grant funding 

Read the 2018-19 Annual Report

Annual Report 2017-18

In this report:

- State and Local Government Partnership Agreement
- Membership survey results
- Introduction of CEO Connections Forums
- Establishment of new professional networks

Read the 2017-18 Annual Report