Gender Balance Framework

As the peak body Association representing local government professionals in WA, we strongly advocate that the sector and community benefit when local government has a diverse and inclusive workforce, and this includes having a gender balanced workforce across all levels in local government.

Commitment to gender equity and diversity
As part of our commitment to gender equity and diversity we recently reviewed and updated our Gender Balance Framework . The review took into account feedback received through our sector gender balance survey conducted earlier this year. We thank everyone who participated in the survey and provided insights.

Reflective of the communities we serve
The revised Gender Balance Framework aligns with LG Professionals Australia's (National Office) 40:40:20 plan. The framework will guide the Board's discussion on priority initiatives to allow the local government sector to be truly reflective of the diverse communities we serve.

Promoting gender balance and raising awareness
The framework sets out objectives and actions that LG Professionals WA seeks to undertake to promote gender balance both internally within the Association and in senior management roles within the WA Local Government sector.
As the peak body supporting and advocating for local government officers in WA, LG Professionals WA is in a prime position to raise awareness within the sector about the benefits of gender balance and help influence practices within the sector that would assist in achieving better gender balance particularly in senior management positions.

Acknowledging hard work undertaken and a shift in thinking
It should be acknowledged that over the past five years, the sector has been making a conscious effort to enhance diversity within our workforce. More female CEOs and senior executives have been appointed in local government, indicating a shift in thinkin and the recognition of the need for better gender balance. Nevertheless, LG Professionals WA considers it to be our role to continue advocating for this important cause to build on the current momentum as true gender balance in the sector has yet to be achieved.

Your feedback is instrumental
Feedback and insights are instrumental to allow the Association to continue to advocate on this important issue. The LG Professionals WA Gender Balance Committee are meeting 4 times per year to progress this work and welcome any feedback, comments or insights, these can be provided by contacting the LG Professionals WA office.

Gender Balance Templates

At LG Professionals WA, we're dedicated to advancing gender balance in local government. It's a mission we take seriously because we understand that achieving true gender equality isn't just a goal - it's a responsibility shared by all.

We are delighted to partner with Jill Brazil (Founder of Diversity in Training) to launch two incredible resources designed to empower local governments in their journey towards gender balance: A Gender Equity Framework and A Gender Balance Plan.

These resources, designed by Jill Brazil, will prove invaluable for local governments and how they approach this important issue.

Thank you to Jill Brazil for her work in designing these valuable templates and her commitment to advancing gender balance by sharing these resources with the local government sector. Find out more about Jill at her LinkedIn profile or her website.

Click the links below to view and download the templates for use in your local government.


On Monday 22 April 2024, these incredible new resources were launched during a gender balance webinar. During the webinar, facilitated by the LG Professionals WA Gender Balance Framework Committee Chair, Suzie Haslehurst, Jill Brazil provided an overview of both templates. Gender Balance Framework Committee members Binasa Scanlan, City of Melville and Jamie Parry, City of Joondalup also shared case studies from their own local governments and insights into their initiatives that are driving change and advancing gender balance for the benefit of the workforce.

Watch a recording of the webinar below. PDF copies of the presentations given during the webinar are also available to download below.

 City of Joondalup Flexible Working Arrangements

 City of Melville - Gender Balance Template Launch

 Diversity in Training Presentation