Gender Balance Framework

This framework sets out objectives and actions that LG Professionals WA seeks to undertake to promote gender balance both internally within the Association and senior management roles within the WA Local Government Sector.

As the peak body supporting and advocating for local government officers in WA, LG Professionals WA is in a prime position to raise the awareness within the sector about the benefits of gender balance and help influence practices within the sector that would assist in achieving better gender balance particularly in senior management positions.

It should be acknowledged that over the past five years, the Sector has been making a conscious effort to enhance diversity within our workforce. More female CEOs and senior executives have been appointed in local government indicating a shift in thinking and the recognition of the need for better gender balance. Nevertheless, LG Professionals WA considers it to be our role to continue advocating for this important cause to build on the current momentum as true gender balance in the Sector has yet to be achieved.

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