Australasian Local Government Performance Excellence Program

With the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program, LG Professionals WA brings Benchmarking to Western Australian Local Governments

LG Professionals WA is excited to be bringing a sophisticated benchmarking program to Western Australia, which will enable participating local governments to comprehensively and comparatively benchmark the performance of their local government with confidence.

This opportunity will enable WA local governments to gain insights for improvement with the proven and highly successful Australasian Local Government Performance Excellence Program.

The survey covers / measures areas of:
  • Corporate Leadership
  • Operations Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Finance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Service Delivery
It focuses on measuring key areas in your organisation to support, recognise and highlight good performance as well as assist in identifying areas that may need improvement. These areas of measurement are highly relevant in supporting you as a local government business leader.

For more information please contact Candy Choo, Chief Executive Officer on 9271 1136 or by email.



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Benchmarking Performance Network

Local governments who participate in the program automatically become members of the LG Professionals WA Benchmarking Performance Network. The purpose of the network is to promote and facilitate the use of benchmarking and data to inform on performance and drive continuous improvement through local governments working together.

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