Volunteering Network

The network aims to strengthen and promote volunteerism in the local government sector and in communities through the exchange of ideas and information, fostering trust and collaborative partnerships.
The Volunteering Network Committee: 
Marta Makuch
Coordinator Recreation and Wellbeing
City of Rockingham
Deputy Chairperson
Pauline Wark
Community Development Officer
City of Joondalup
Heidi Loncar
Human Resources Coordinator
City of Albany
Committee Members:
Elizabeth Acason
Swan Volunteer Resource Centre Coordinator
City of Swan
Heather Bell
PA Executive Director Corporate an Commercial Services
City of Albany
Kirstin Case
Volunteer Services Coordinator
City of Stirling
Shanel De Silva
Senior Community Development Officer (Volunteering Services)
Town of Bassendean
Simone Seiber
Community Development Coordinator, Family and Community Development
City of Cockburn
Board Representative:

Stephanie Addison Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Augusta Margaret River

Volunteering Network Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026

The Volunteering Network Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026 details how the network will promote the value of, and raise the profile of volunteering within the local government sector and how the network will equip officers working with volunteers to ensure they are skilled, supported, and confident in undertaking their role.

View the Strategic Plan

Peer Support Helpline
As the Volunteering Network Committee, we aim to support members with questions and queries about volunteer management strategies, initiatives and any another volunteer related queries you may have.
Please contact Marta Makuch on [email protected] / 9528 0333 or
Elizabeth Acason on [email protected] / 9267 9686

Volunteering Network  - online discussion portal and resource library

The Volunteering Network online resource library will provide a valuable source of information such as templates, local government policies and procedures, presentations from network events and other documents that may prove useful.
An online discussion portal is also available to encourage collaboration and information sharing and to provide a space for discussions on issues, challenges and successes related to volunteering topics.

Visit the portal.

(Requires the user to sign in - LG Professionals WA members please use your usual online membership account information. Please contact [email protected] if you require assistance)