Local Government is very different to the corporate world. Does any other industry have a body elected from the community that has the final say on many issues? Does any other industry have such a wide range of responsibilities through cats, dogs, community services, aged persons, libraries, roads, swimming pools (public and private) etc etc? Does any other industry have such a vast array of Federal and State legislation imposed upon it? 

Local Government Professionals Australia WA has responded to this need by developing a one-day Induction to Local Government workshop which will be presented on a regular basis in both metropolitan and country areas.

Participants will learn about a diverse range of topics and issues including:

   • Local Government Decision Making
   • The role of council
   • Relationships between elected members and staff
   • Local Government Finance
   • Ethical Behaviour in Local Government
     ...and many more!

Online Registration Guidelines

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The workshop is invaluable for all Local Government employees and supplier representatives engaged with the Local Government Sector.

The workshop is presented in an informative and entertaining manner by Bob Searle and Steven Tweedie both of whom have considerable experience in the Local Government Industry.

The workshop is held regularly at locations around WA, we can even arrange a session at your council - contact Local Government Professionals Australia WA.
 for more information. (*Minimum numbers required, terms and conditions apply)

We have several workshops already confirmed for 2019, so don't delay register now!

2019 Workshops  

23 May
City of Canning

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