Smart Cities for Community Development

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The digital world is changing the way we work and live, and as community leaders, local governments need to be cognisant that digital transformation plays a key role in the way we deliver services and engage with communities. It is important for leaders in the sector to ensure local governments are moving towards a more agile way of operations.

The smart cities concept allows local government to operate with enhanced efficiency for the benefits of communities. A more enhanced efficiency for the benefits of communities. A more efficient local government and one that engages with their businesses and communities more effectively means sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

Whilst for local governments to engage in the smart cities movement is very exciting, it also comes with some challenges. The smart cities agenda is a broad one and very rich in content. With smart cities moving at a rapid pace, it is critical that local governments have a good understanding around the topic in order to engage with businesses and communities to deliver on transformation that meets their needs.  

Smart Cities for Community Development
The masterclass will comprise of three sessions that will provide participants with a unique perspective on the intersection between technology, data and community development.

The first session provides the foundation knowledge on the what and why of smart cities. The topics covered include:

  • Definition - this is where it starts, and where our mindset on smart cities is calibrated!
  • Benefits - this is all about the 'why?'
  • Standards - are a very powerful tool for building consistency, opportunity and scaling of smart cities solutions
  • Framework - how do you 'do' smart cities?... breaking it down for quick action, and long term value
  • Enablers - learn about the seven core technology and data enablers of smart cities
The second session involves a case study focus, outlining examples of how others are using technology and data to enable greater community development outcomes. These case studies will include both national and international examples.

And finally, a workshop session to bring much of the theory and case study content together, allowing participants to work with their peers and scope opportunities for their own smart cities projects that seek to enhance opportunity and prosperity for the community. This final session will be facilitated using a series of online templates within a web-based tool called the Smart Cities Activator, to which participants will have ongoing access if they choose.
...about the facilitator

 Adam Beck
Executive Director, Smart Cities Council
Australia New Zealand Secretariat, 
Centre for Data Leadership

Adam is an urbanist who has worked for private sector consultancies and leading global non-government organisations to advance sustainable community outcomes for over 25 years.

As Executive Director with the Smart Cities Council, he works with the world's longest running smart cities organisation focussed on catalysing action and investment in technology and data to accelerate liveability, workability and sustainability.

Adam is the Program Lead for many of the SCC's core initiatives, such as the Centre for Data Leadership, Future of Place and Code13 (An SDG Action Lab). Adam also curates the Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Hub and the global Smart Cities Academy.

Prior to this Adam was Director of Innovation at EcoDistricts, where he developed a collaborative governance model for urban regeneration across North America and beyond.

Adam was also Executive Director at the Green Building Council of Australia where he facilitated the creation of the Green Star Communities certification system for sustainable urban development.


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...about the Smart Cities Council
The Smart Cities Council is the leading global industry coalition accelerating the smart cities movement, and is uniquely positioned to curate and facilitate this masterclass.
The Smart Cities Council draws on best practices and scientific expertise from its extensive network of companies and expert advisors. Together, the Council's member companies employ well over 1,500,00 people in 150+ countries. Over the past five years, they have completed more than 10,000 smart city projects all over the world.