Webinar Series with John Carlson

LG Professionals WA in collaboration with D John Carlson, Marketing Consultant and avid blogger present a series of FREE online webinars.

Digital technologies increasing efficiency and reduce marketing costs
11.00am Friday 1 May 2020

This webinar will address cost effective and free digital technology that can be used to gather, analyse and leverage data, while reducing the effort involved in doing so. It will address technologies that can be used to increase reach, enquiries, conversions and customer engagement.

Outcomes of this webinar will include:
  • Insights into cost effective digital technologies applicable to marketing
  • An overview of the requirements of engaging prominent technologies
  • Strategies for leveraging theses technologies to save time and money

Maximising website traffic and engagement
11.00am Thursday 18 June 2020

Many organisations have invested a substantial sum of money in a 'state of the art' website and monitor the traffic and pages viewed. But how many really know how effective their website is, in educating, informing and engaging target audiences. The optimal strategies for website design and development seem to constantly change and it is increasingly rare for websites to generate the return on investment they should.

Outcomes of this webinar include:
  • Identifying the critical issues in developing a website that will do the job
  • Identifying the critical strategies for driving the right traffic to the site
  • Identifying the strategies for ensuring that a website is more than an expensive brochure

Build your brand cost effectively with social media
11.00am Thursday 20 August 2020

60% of the Y generation cite social media as their main source of news. That said, it is a myth that social media is a young-persons medium. 66% of people 50-64 and 47% of people over 65 (the two fastest growing demographic segments) use social media daily. Estimates suggest the average Australian spends 8 hours a week on social media.
So, there is not an organisation on the planet that can afford not to be actively involved in social media - and active involvement means daily involvement. It is getting harder and harder to use social media effectively.

Outcomes of this webinar include:
  • The changing landscape of social media platforms with recommendations
  • The strategies for getting the most out of social media with recommendations
  • The strategies for dealing with trolls and social media attacks

Maximising the lifetime value of your customers
11.00am Thursday 22 October 2020

Why do so few businesses have a lifetime value strategy designed to maximise the lifetime value of each and every enquiry? Is there anything smarter for any business than to have a strategy for maximising the long-term return from customers?
Lifetime value is a critical issue that every business should have a strategy for - and that strategy should be central to their overall marketing strategy. This webinar will empower participants to develop an LTV strategy to maximise their ROI.

Outcomes of this webinar include:
  • Strategies for identifying and monitoring the lifetimes value of enquiries
  • Strategies for maximising the lifetime value of customers
  • Strategies for leveraging lifetime value to reduce marketing costs

Reducing costs and improving outcomes - bringing your marketing inhouse
11.00am Thursday 3 December 2020

While some services might be better outsourced many can be brought inhouse - generating savings and most importantly - better outcomes. There is an increasing range of technologies that can reduce the need to outsource marketing and communication functions.

Outcomes of this webinar include:
  • Identifying activities that can and should be taken inhouse
  • Implementing strategies for maximising the return on outsourcing
  • Strategies for creating internal capabilities in marketing


All webinars in the series take place from 11:00am - 12:00pm


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Digital technologies
Friday 1 May 2020

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Maximising website traffic and engagement
Thursday 18 June 2020

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Build your brand cost effectively with social media
Thursday 20 August 2020

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Maximising the lifetime value of your customers
Thursday 22 October 2020

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Reducing costs and improving outcomes
Thursday 3 December 2020

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A prolific writer, D John Carlson publishes regularly. Sometimes controversial, often confronting and always topical, he questions conventional wisdom, debunks marketing myths and offers fresh insights into all aspects of marketing, communication and human behaviour.