LG Professionals WA and WA Super Scholarship

Do you want to learn and travel?

 Local Government Professionals Australia WA (LG Professionals WA) and WA Super are proud to announce the continuing sponsorship to the value of $10,000 to assist LG Professionals WA members to experience Local Government overseas.



You could be eligible for the LG Professionals WA/WA Super scholarship, if you:

  • Are currently working in WA Local Government and are an LG Professionals WA member.
  • Have a passion for your chosen field and a desire to further your Local Government knowledge.


The Scholarship

Sponsored by WA Super this Scholarship makes $5,000 available for a Western Australian Local Government officer to travel overseas to experience Local Government operations in another country. The Board of LG Professionals WA resolved to provide further funds, up to $5,000, if required to support this great concept.

The Scholarship is open to any member of LG Professionals WA who is currently employed in Local Government and has a thirst for knowledge and can convince us that their proposal will add value to our sector.
The value is to the maximum of $10,000.

What does the scholarship funding cover?

The funding can be used to cover:

  • Airfares for the winner
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel, accommodation, meals, communication costs and incidentals for the duration of the activities associated with the Scholarship.

The recipient will receive $7,500 immediately from WA Super and LG Professionals WA to offset their advance costs and the further $2,500 will be paid upon submission of receipts demonstrating the costs exceed $7,500.
WA Super and LG Professionals WA support the winner taking their partner, family or others with them as long as the costs for those parties are met privately.

Winner Announcement

The winner of the scholarship will be announced at the Annual State Conference Gala Dinner on 7 November 2019 at Crown Hotel, Perth.

"I wish to extend a huge thank you to the program sponsors for this opportunity of a lifetime. Not only did the trip build my skills and knowledge in relation to my chosen subject area, but it also built my confidence professionally from the experience of representing the sector overseas and personally through travelling the world alone."

Maxine Ahrens, City of Gosnells, Scholarship Winner 2018.

Application Requirements and Process

Scholarship applicants should be a member of LG Professionals WA and currently employed in Local Government. Applications should comply with the selection criteria detailed in the scholarship information flyer below

The deadline for applications is:

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Scholarship Flyer