Workplace Happiness Program - Supporting healthier, happier workplaces

Through our partnership with Happiness Co we are excited to offer all members access to the Workplace Happiness Program!

Did you know that happy employees are more engaged, satisfied, creative and productive?

It's a fact - Happiness is a proven key driver for success and at the core of all positive emotions and aids in building modern and agile teams. When staff and team members are happy, organisations are happy too!

Empower individuals

Workplace Happiness is an award-winning program facilitated by Happiness Co - an organisation proven to empower individuals to be in charge of their own happiness and mental health, allowing organisations to thrive as a result.
There is no better time to work on the tools, techniques and knowledge for increasing happiness and improving mental wellbeing, however, each individual has the freedom to choose when to access the tools available via this program.

Wellness Station Vending Machine
Through the Workplace Happiness Program, LG Professionals WA individual Members and employees of Local Government Subscribers can access a virtual Wellness Station Vending Machine - a unique and innovative way to support mental health wellbeing programs in the workplace. The Wellness Station Vending Machine provides a self-service solution for employees to easily access a range of practical tools and products that can help improve wellbeing and happiness.

The tools available via this incredible program include:

Wellness Station Happiness Challenge: Ten days, online, work at your own pace; you will work through ten modules including 'your story' the way you see yourself and the choices you make because of these factors. If we can generate fundamental shifts in the above, we can ultimately create rapid change in your life. And when you create the awareness of what exactly is not working your life, you have an opportunity to change it. The Happiness Challenge will help you create long-lasting change in your relationships, career, health and within your confidence and self-esteem. Because if we want our lives to get better, we need to get better, Every day you will be given a new challenge that allows you to learn tools that can be instantly put into practice.

Wellness Station Fitness Program: Discover this simple, insanely powerful, online live fitness training that you can access whilst at work and at home.

Happy Hearts Parenting Program: A 7-module parenting program that will help you develop a tighter bond with your little people, and together be better equipped to face life's amazing unpredictability.

The Upside Podcast: A 12-episode podcast covering mental health issues and providing useful advice to keep yourself mentally healthy. Several episodes feature inspirational speakers exploring strategies to improve your happiness.

To access these tools, please click the relevant image below or scan the relevant QR code.

                                  Happiness Challenge                                                         Online Fitness Training


       Happy Hearts Parenting Program
                                                           The Upside Podcast