Collaboration Beyond Borders

Skills shortage has been a long-standing issue facing local governments; however, we all know that through collaboration we can achieve more together. That is why we have developed the Collaboration Beyond Borders Program - a new initiative that will be provided on a complimentary basis for Local Government Subscribers. This new program will see less resourced local governments partnered with larger local governments enabling a collaboration that will allow for 2-way sharing, learning and development.

The sustainability of WA local government requires the sector to think outside the box and to collaborate regardless of geographical proximity. Through collaboration, less resourced local governments benefit from the knowledge of experienced employees on the ground to assist with the day-to-day operations. Larger local governments benefit from their staff having on-the-job professional development opportunities in the regions that would otherwise be difficult to provide.

LG Professionals WA is well placed to lead this program - partnering local governments together under a mutually beneficial understanding and arrangement.

To submit an expression of interest to participate in this program Local Government Subscribers are asked to please complete and return the form below.