New CEO joint model contract released

LG Professionals WA have worked with the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) to develop an agreed joint model contract for Local Government Chief Executive Officers. 

To download a copy, please click here

There are currently many different contracts in place across the sector, containing very different provisions for entitlements and obligations. Many are out dated and do not reflect current legislation. 

It is anticipated that creating a joint model contract, endorsed by both LG Professionals WA and WALGA, will help to alleviate many of the conflicts that can occur during negotiation, and during the life of the contract. 

Both LG Professionals WA and WALGA recognise that the CEO contract is critical in establishing the relationship between the CEO and Council.  By providing clear processes for addressing potential conflicts it is hoped that it will assist in reducing unnecessary tensions, and enable a clear pathway to resolving disputes and consequently strengthening relationships within the sector.

With this CEO Joint Model Contact, both elected members and local government professionals can know what are the standard conditions and obligations for a Local Government Chief Executive Officer, as recommended by LG Professionals WA and WALGA.

The CEO Joint Model Contract accords with current legislation and all pertinent decisions of the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal.

Importantly, it addresses all the major issues such as: 

Termination Payments;
Dispute Resolution Processes;
Probationary Periods;
Performance Criteria and Review; and
Components of the Remuneration Package; 

It sets a basic foundation for all CEOs contracts in the sector and provides a starting point from which Local Governments and Chief Executive Officers (and new appointees) can enter into negotiations. 

In developing the CEO Joint Model Contract, LG Professionals WA and WALGA were assisted by Neil Douglas, McLeods Barristers & Solicitors, in the drafting of the contract.