CULTYR Employee Resilience Scorecard Results

In mid May we invited all local government professionals across the sector to complete a survey - the CULTYR Employee Resilience Scorecard, to see how the sector was responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The scorecard results were received and processed by CATALYSE Pty Ltd an independent consultancy. CATALYSE gave back to the local government sector and supported LG Professionals WA with the study on a pro bono basis. The survey sought to understand how local government employees were coping and what lessons could be shared to help support one another during the pandemic.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated we had 2236 responses! Overwhelmed is an understatement, we even had people asking to complete the survey after it had closed!

Early results indicate that the local government workforce in Western Australia has shown strength and resilience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Leaders are helping workers to feel hopeful for their future
  • Leaders have demonstrated clear thinking and decision making
  • Workers have confidence and trust in their local leadership group
  • Managers have shown compassion and empathy
  • The local government workforce is open to new ideas and
On 26 May, we released the preliminary report which provides an analysis of all the quantitative data captured. 

Level of concern with COVID-19
The survey results show that 34% of local government employees expressed a high or very high level of concern with the COVID-19 outbreak. The greatest level of concern was amongst employees in the Peel region and the lowest level was amongst employees in the South West region.

The survey also shows that the level of concern amongst local government employees increases with age.

Future of Local Government
35% of respondents would prefer to embrace new ways of working and 16% would prefer to go back to business as usual. 

Number of respondents by location
1035 Perth Metro 
928 Regional WA 
Metropolitan Regional Council 
271 Prefer not to say/skipped

Number of respondents by role
743 Corporate Services
275 Planning and Regulation
584 Community Development
238 Works
132 Other
264 Prefer not to say/skipped

Early Employee Resilience Scorecard Results

3% of respondents were furloughed, unemployed or other
19% of respondents were deployed to a different role
5% of respondents had a salary reduction
6% of respondents had paid working hours reduced
13% of respondents were required to use leave
56% of respondents were working from home or alternative workplace